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Ben Lawers 7

Bag the seven Munros of the Ben Lawers group

  • 60 British pounds

About this event

At 1214 metres Ben Lawers is the 10th highest mountain in the UK and the tallest of the southern Highlands. Lieing in one long continuous chain of 7 Munros the prospect of bagging the whole lot in one long day is very tempting. For the most part, the terrain is fairly easy going, with gentle grassy ridges meaning that a lot of ground can be covered fairly quickly and making this event, nowhere near as daunting as it first seems. We will follow a linear route, starting from the high point on the narrow road that twists its way between Loch Tay and Glen Lyon, thereby minimising our ascent. From here, it's surprising how quickly the first Munro of Meall a' Choire Leith falls. Heading south now, over easy grassy ridges, we can see the whole of our route laid out ahead of us. Meall Corranaich, our second Munro soon follows. Descending south east from here and with two Munros already under our belt, we'll likely meet other walkers heading up the path that follows the Edramucky Burn. Beinn Ghlas is the mutual objective and at 1103 metres, in less prestigious surroundings it would be a monster in it's own right, were it not for Ben Lawers which dominates the skyline and steals the show. The descent from Beinn Ghlas and 200 metre re-ascent to Ben Lawers feels like quite a slog. Near the top the path steepens and in places is eroded and loose. We'll enjoy a lengthy break here. Being the highest summit for miles around the views are spectacular and worth savouring. Well over half way now and on to our fifth Munro, An Stuc. This shapely, rocky peak feels quite out of place amongst it's surroundings and we'll almost certainly use 4 points of contact on the scramble down the far side. It's much easier than looks at first however, and entirely avoidable if the need arises. Meall Garbh and Meall Greigh, the distant outlier of the group, follow in quick succession, hopefully with time spare to enjoy some food and refreshments at the Ben Lawers Hotel. Booking is available on the following dates: Sat 25th May 24 Sat 27th July 24 Sat 28th September 24 For more information about our route and the terrain, the level of difficulty, the amount of experience required and level of fitness, please follow the 'Useful Info' link on the Menu bar at the top of the site homepage. Here you will also find the 'Kit List' link providing recommendations on essential kit you will need to bring with you.

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Cancellation Policy

If you choose to cancel your booking : Booking cancellations must be made in writing. If you cancel more than 28 days before an event takes place, your payment will be refunded minus a £10 booking deposit. If you cancel 28 days or less before an event takes place, no payment will be returned. We do not offer credit towards future events in place of a refund. We strongly recommend you take out appropriate holiday insurance to cover for unforeseen events that may cause you to cancel your booking. If we have to cancel your booking : Regardless of reason, in the very unlikely event that we have to cancel your booking, then we will refund your payment in full. We will try and give as much notice as possible. For weather related cancellations, notice could be as short as a couple of days. For other reasons, we would hope to give a fortnight's notice, possibly more. We cannot be held liable for additional costs you may have incurred such as accommodation or transport you may have booked.

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