Ben Cruachan Horseshoe

Cruachan! Let battle commence with this Goliath and its satellites.

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About this event

Both above and below ground Ben Cruachan has much to entice and explore. Hidden deep underground, beneath the mountain itself lies a cavernous turbine hall converting the power from water into electricity. It is this engineering marvel which gives rise to Cruachan's other familiar name; 'The Hollow Mountain'. Not all of the engineering however, is concealed beneath the ground. At a height of 400 metres, the Cruachan Dam is a spectacle in it's own right and this is our days first objective. From the Falls of Cruachan railway station we head steeply uphill through hazel woodland, with the crashing sound of the Allt Cruachan, largely unseen, cascading over rocks in the gorge below. From the Dam we follow a hydro track along the bank of the reservoir to the mouth of Coire Dearg where the hard work starts again. Our 'classic route' crosses the Munros of Ben Cruachan and Stob Diamh and the intervening 'tops' of Drochaid Ghlas and Stob Garbh. It is however, perfectly feasible, if group fitness and desire allows to visit no fewer than 3 additional 'tops' to make The Magnificent Seven! From the bealach at the head of Coire Dearg and having decided as a group on our itinerary, we will aim either for one of the outliers or direct for Ben Cruachan. We will climb over boulders on the final steep pull to this rock pile summit . At 1126m this peak is the highest for miles around and the views are sensational. From here we can see the rest of our route laid out before us. It looks, and is, a long way still to go. En route to our second Munro, Stob Diamh, we pass over Drochaid Ghlas, and en route to this we have a short but easy scramble over an awkwardly sloping slab. Hands will be needed here. From Drochaid Ghlas the going eases considerably and rocks give way to gentle grass slopes which are a pleasure. Stob Diamh is our days second Munro and another fine view point. Viewed from here from Ben Cruachan looks spectacular. Online booking for this event is available on the following dates. Fri 24th Jun 22 Sat 16th Jul 22 Sat 1st Oct 22 For more information about our route and the terrain, the level of difficulty, the amount of experience required and level of fitness, please follow the 'Useful Info' link on the Menu bar at the top of the site homepage. Here you will also find the 'Kit List' link providing recommendations on essential kit you will need to bring with you.

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